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INESC TEC, through its Centre for Power and Energy Systems and the Energy cluster, has launched the Power and Energy Webinar Series initiative. In each webinar, a researcher from INESC TEC will present and discuss ideas, expected outcomes, or results regarding the energy systems of the future. In some webinars, external speakers will be invited. The expected duration of the webinar is between 45 minutes and 1 hour, depending on the format. Discussion between the speakers and the participants will be held in the last part of each webinar.

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Webinar 6

Boosting flexibility in smart power systems via improved monitoring of transmission lines and local energy hubs

March 26, 3 PM (GMT)

Tarso Vilela Ferreira,
Researcher at UFS and INESC P&D Brasil

Transmission line monitoring: the paradigms broken by Teccon II

In this talk, a novel real-time infrastructure based on optical fiber measurement system for overhead transmission line condition monitoring applications is presented. The TECCON II system relies on the set of new features including a high voltage polymeric insulator instrumentalized with optical fiber sensors to monitor line electrical current, conductor temperature and strain, as well as an electro-optical signal processing unit supplied by an isolated solar system. The first prototype of the solution has been installed in a transmission line of the Southeast Brazilian interconnected electrical system.

Mohammad Javadi,
researcher at INESC TEC

Flexibility Provision by Multi-Carrier Energy Systems to Local Energy Communities

In this webinar, we are going to talk about new ideas in terms of flexibility provision by local energy hubs and their impacts on the transmission network. The concept of grid-side flexibility can be extended by multi-energy systems functionality, incorporating the network constraints of different energy systems. In this way, the combination of multiple energy systems introduces a massive quantity of nonlinear constraints, yielding a non-convex problem. In addition, the coordination of different time scales and dynamic processes should be considered, resulting in a complicated model with both algebraic and differential equations.

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Webinar 6: Boosting flexibility in smart power systems via improved monitoring of transmission lines and local energy hubs

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